Friday, July 16, 2010

Greatness Tour 2009-2010

I have to admit, he's making his mark – Obama, I mean. He managed to get Congress to pass, in quick succession, a 2000-plus-page health care reform bill which will not solve any of our most basic health care issues... and a 2000-plus-page financial reform bill which will not solve any of our core financial issues, and will probably make some of them even worse. And not to forget the “economic stimulus plan”, which stimulated, basically, squat. In addition to which, he seems totally incapable of figuring out how to disengage from Iraq and Afghanistan – mainly because he has no intention of disengaging. “But wait, there's more!” -- as they say on late-night TV ads for the latest gadget. In line with Obama's urge to climb every mountain, we still have the main event in store, namely legislation designed to reshape and renew the Earth itself by stopping “global warming” in its tracks. If we think that what has happened so far has been a death blow to liberty, those things will turn out to be minor irritants compared to what we will have to give up to keep the Earth from turning into one big backyard barbecue.

So the hits just keep coming, and so far his record is one of 100% success... if you're a member of the ruling elite, that is. If you're an average American citizen he's an unmitigated disaster... but, really, no worse than a third Bush term would have been (talking strictly theoretically here), and probably better than a first McCain/Palin term would have been, since in that case we would still have health care issues, economic issues, financial issues, and the two wars, and would probably by this time have landed the Marines on the shores of Georgia (the one on the Black Sea) in order to back them up in their struggle with Russia. And let's not forget that China has always been on better terms with the Democrats than with the Republicans (wonder why?), which may be why they're holding on to all our debt rather than cashing it all in at once and trashing our economy. Say what you like, they always know who their friends are. And when it comes to foreign affairs, why... even that very brief awkwardness with Israel has now been consigned to history... or rather the memory hole. So all is well, and you'd hardly know you were on board the Titanic except for that slight listing of the deck and the nervous expressions on the faces of the lounge band members.

History will show that Obama had greatness thrust upon him – and turned it down cold. Instead, he opted for the liberal/socialist/collectivist, and – I might add – Regime-friendly solution to all of his challenges... which is, in truth, an expression of despair rather than hope and of stagnation rather than change. But the despair will not belong to him and his cronies (and his overlords), but to his victims – namely the American people, whose political discernment has once again failed, with disastrous consequences.

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