Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stemming the Tide

It can't be that long ago -- can it? -- that the MSM were characterizing anyone who favored adult stem cell reserach over embryonic stem cell research as a conservative, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing "hater". It seems like that was the party line just a few months ago -- that all the hopes in the world (and of all the "poster children") resided with the variety of stem-cell research and therapy that destroys life, and there was no hope whatsoever in the other kind. But now comes the revelation that research with adult stem cells is "booming", and that "therapies (are) far ahead of those that use (the) embryonic variety". The secret is that "adult cells have been transplanted routinely for decades", and with great success across a wide spectrum of disease and injury. One might almost say that the medical profession has been acting subversively and in a very non-PC manner on this issue. And this is all to the good, since it indicates that, at least in this area (as opposed to climatology, say), science has not yet let itself become totally dominated by politics. It's also encouraging to see that, indeed, there really is much more hope in adult than in embryonic stem cells. Dare one speculate that the hand of Divine Providence is at work here?

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