Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Least Important Election of Our Lifetime

As the election season reaches a hysterical anti-climax, they're still trying to make us believe that the fate of the nation hinges on the outcome. Sorry to have to quibble, but American elections have long since been programmed and boxed in for the precise purpose of insuring that the fate of the nation depends on anything but. And the candidates, likewise, are thoroughly vetted by the Regime and are simply not allowed to win unless there is already a plan in place to either buy them off, scare them off, or otherwise neutralize them. That is, if they aren't already signed on... in which case, no further persuasion is needed. So what you see parading before you on TV and on the Internet, and in the print media, is basically a parade of already bought off, already intimidated, already sold out clowns and puppets... with precious few exceptions. So you can vote for whomever you like... you can send your 2-year-old into the voting booth to do the voting for you... or your dog... it really doesn't matter in the least. But it's the maintaining of the illusion that it does matter that is the job of the candidates, their supporters, the major parties, and the media. It's an industry and a business, like any other -- except that it generally pays better. All of these pygmies want power and the trappings of office. I toured the Kansas state capitol yesterday, and wow -- that place had it all over the palaces of the czars. Who wouldn't want to work there, and hold forth in those marble and mahogany halls? And things get even more absurdly extravagant at the federal level -- "the people's choices" are whisked about town in stretch limos with tinted windows, wherever and whenever they want to go, no questions asked. They are wined and dined by the captains of industry and finance... paid court to by union chiefs... pursued by groupies of all known (and a few unknown) genders... and it's all about power. And money, since the two are fungible. When it comes to serving the people who elected them -- assuming that was ever their intent, which is doubtful -- that can always be put off until another day. Which means, indefinitely.

Now, make no mistake -- this disease, if you will, starts at the lowest possible levels... small-town mayors, school boards, aldermen, etc. But its relatively benign form at that level becomes more and more malevolent as they move up the totem pole, until, at the federal level, they become part of a Regime that spends every waking hour thinking up new ways of crushing the life out of the citizenry. And it's your vote, my friend, that provides them cover -- that enables them to say, well, I was elected, after all (usually by a majority)... so people obviously want me to keep doing what I'm doing. Plus, I "listen" to the people all the time, I take my coat off and loosen my tie and eat truck-stop food, etc. So don't blame me if things go wrong. Just like Hitler -- one of his final acts was to condemn the German people for having failed HIM. If only it hadn't been for all those traitors and good-for-nothings, he would have won the war and would now be ruling the world. Et cetera.

So when Election Day rolls around... sure, go ahead and vote. I will. It's kind of fun, actually. (But I'm not wearing a suit and tie to the polls the way men did when I was a kid.) Just don't think it's important. Someone (Mencken?) once commented that nothing important in this country is ever decided by popular vote -- and it's absolutely true. The important stuff is decided in smoke-filled rooms, and it's way above the pay grade of the ordinary citizen to have any say in the matter. And most of the people you vote for are already puppets, dupes, and fall guys; they may not realize it (delusions of grandeur being an occupational hazard of politics) but it's true nonetheless. You may "prefer", for aesthetic reasons, one or another party to be in power... you may "like" one candidate more than another... but these are all superficial considerations, all decorations on a very stale cake. The people who, if they should ever reach positions of power, might actually make a difference are prevented from doing so in a way that makes security at Alcatraz look downright casual.

And please don't forget that -- even though Obama says this, it's actually true -- most of what's "wrong" with the current administration started during Bush's time. So how much sense does it make to return the same idiots to power who dug the grave of our economy for eight years? Just because Obama's pushing us into that grave doesn't mean it's all his fault. As I said, there is only one Regime, and if it wants the U.S., and its citizens, in a state of economic distress, that's where they're going to be. And if it wants the wars Bush started continued under Obama, continue they will. And it it wants our economic future in the hands of the likes of China, so it will be... theirs and the European financial cabal. The fate of America, and of Americans, is no longer in our own hands... and hasn't been, in fact, for quite a long time. So how much do think our pathetic exercise of the "right to vote" is going to change that? It's going to mean about as much as... well... the Iraqis' right to vote, or the Afghans'. And everyone laughs at them...

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