Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Big Brother Weighs In

I have to admit, I just about let out a whoop when I read this headline: “Netanyahu: U.S. voters must draw 'red line' on Iran”. My thought – well, finally they're admitting it. That is, Israel is finally admitting, after all these years, that not only do they have a vital (dare I say “existential”) interest in U.S. elections, but they don't mind one iota stepping in to, um, “help”, the American voter vote the right way – I.e. in Israel's interest as opposed to their own selfish, parochial interests.

My next thought was, well then, what does Bibi the Nat want us to do? We know that Obama is sleeping in the Israeli doghouse these days (having moved out there from the living room couch), but has Bibi really and truly come out and told Americans to vote for Romney? That would be quite extraordinary, especially given the American media's – shall we say – skepticism regarding Rockjaw Goodhair.

Well, no – a reading of the article in question reveals that while Bibi “took his case on Iran directly to U.S. voters”, all he said (on one of those Sunday morning gabfests) was that (quote from the article, not him) “the White House must be willing to draw a 'red line' on Tehran's nuclear program”. And yet the article (by AP) describes his remarks as “an impassioned election-season plea”... to do what? What does Bibi want Americans sympathetic with Israel's plight to do? Vote for Romney? Threaten to vote for Romney if Obama doesn't mend his ways? Does Bibi realize how little power the American electorate actually wields? Of all people on the planet, he should know the answer to this – namely zero, compared to the Israeli lobby and all sorts of other entities. Like the media, for instance. If Bibi wants to get rid of Obama, all he has to do is contact his friends in the American media (or the ones who operate the voting machines, as I mentioned in a previous post). So why bother the poor, hapless voter with his problems? Heaven knows, the voters have enough problems of their own – like being subject to a mass delusion regarding something called “voting”.

Clearly, Bibi is disappointed in Obama, who was as thoroughly vetted regarding sympathy for Israel as anyone in American history before being allowed onto the Democratic ticket in 2008. And Obama has not, as yet, actually defied Israel, and I'm sure has no intention of doing so... but he has exhibited a certain measure of wanderlust, which, compared to the war-lust of the Republicans, is enough to make a loyal Israeli shop around for alternatives. So while Bibi is not, after all, telling Americans who to vote for in so many words, he's still telling them... well, what? I mean, what precisely does he want us to do on that fateful day in November, when we are given a “choice” between two candidates with virtually identical foreign policies?

And leave us not forget that Bibi and Romney are old friends, and Romney is a Mormon, which carries with it all sorts of end-times and apocalyptic implications. I'm sure Romney wouldn't be the slightest bit hesitant about starting World War III over Israel – whereas Obama might turn out to be a bit more skittish.

And yet Obama's ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice – a formidable desk warrior in her own right – is quoted as saying “there is 'no daylight' between the United States and Israel.” (There's an original expression for you, ahem.) Doesn't Bibi believe her? Doesn't he believe the evidence? We have bankrupted ourselves and turned this country into a police state on Israel's behalf; isn't that enough? Apparently not. 

So maybe it's just all bluster. But it is intriguing that the mainstream media would interpret anything Netanyahu said as trying to influence a presidential election – even though precisely how remains a mystery.

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