Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama, Meet Okarma

And speaking of "life issues", by sheer coincidence (right...) the FDA, on Friday, approved the first experiment testing human embryonic stem cells on people, i.e. for the purpose of treating or curing illness or injury, in this case spinal cord injuries. The first firm to benefit from this authorization is headed up by a guy named Okarma. You can't make these things up! All I can say is, Okarma better be sure his karma isn't run over by his pro-choice dogma. Of course, everyone is taking great pains to point out that the cell lines to be used in the research were established prior to the 2001 ban. They were derived from, quote, "left-over embryos at fertility clinics" -- in other words from surplus and unwanted human beings. But, see, it's OK because think of the miracle cures in store! Is this not the final triumph of utilitrianism? Essentially, whenever you find yourself in a minority and in a position to be sacrificed for the good of the majority, this "philosophy" dictates that, not only should you be sacrificed, but you should be happy to oblige, based on sound philosophical principles. You should, in fact, go singing to the place of execution. But of course, embryos don't even get to make that kind of choice; they are no more than cannon fodder. And they don't really count compared with the legions who will one day rise out of their wheelchairs and thank Dr. Okarma and his colleagues. But they will have their own karma to think about at that point.

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