Friday, February 20, 2009


It was inevitable. I predicted it. (And it's also inevitable that I point that out.) The Obama administration is, so far, proving to be a major disappointment to, basically, one group – not the conservatives, who knew just what to expect, but the liberals, i.e. the left wing of the Democratic Party and/or its facilitators. And it's because very little of what they expected he meant when he talked about “change” has happened – and they're starting to get the really bad feeling that none of it will. They're starting to get that “meet the new boss” feeling. Well, I don't feel the least bit sorry for them, because they have been duped so many times before and they never learn. (The best example remains the 1964 election, where they came out overwhelmingly for LBJ because he was the total opposite of Goldwater, who supposedly wanted to escalate the war in Vietnam. Ha ha.) But what's their gripe this time? The ACLU, and others, have already been repeatedly rebuffed by Justice Department lawyers (Eric Holder again!) when they were trying to get “the goods” on the Bush administration. You know, bring 'em up on charges -- war crimes, treason, conspiracy, the usual stuff. The message is – sorry guys, you can forget all about “payback” -- the books are sealed, case closed. Even the Freedom of Information Act – a finely-wrought weapon in the hands of the left for decades now – has proven impotent against the stonewalling of Obama's DOJ types. The executive director of the ACLU says, “This is not change.” Well, boo hoo! What did you expect? You put “your guys” in power, expecting them to open the files and scatter all the Bushevik secrets to the four winds -- you know, stuff like those sleepovers Dick Cheney hosted for the Christian Zionists -- and what do you find? That – and I'll say it again – there is only one regime, and its top priority is to defend itself, and it does that, in part, by keeping secrets and protecting its own. Who really believes that all the mechanisms for eroding individual rights set up by the Bush gang in the name of “anti-terrorism” are going to be dismantled by Obama's gang? Were Clinton's totalitarian tidbits snuffed out by Bush? Were Carter's by Reagan? Were Nixon's by Carter? Et cetera. Each new administration finds, upon taking office, and to its great delight, that the police state has developed much more than any of them had imagined... and guess what, they like it! "Here's our chance to do things (i.e., oppress people and gain power) our way, instead of someone else's way. And we're sure not going to tip our hand to all these ignoramuses that just voted us into office, are we?" So the ratcheting effect does another “click”, and we all wake up with a few less freedoms than we had the day before, but hey, at least the “right” people are in charge – until the next election, that is.

Plus, if you believe – as I do – that there is, in fact, only one Regime, and that all of these elected officials are really only its servants, then there is even less reason why any of them would want to reveal things – facts, data, processes, procedures, plans, etc. -- which thrive on secrecy and which, in some cases, can only successfully be implemented under conditions of secrecy. The readiness with which all elected officials fall into line once taking office is striking – and yet no one ever comments on it. It's like in “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” where they look the same but are, somehow, different – more cautious, more paranoid, more robotic, more... "conservative", in the literal sense. Somehow the humanity has been drained out of them and they have become political zombies – oh sure, maybe with a few colorful quirks still in place (think: Bill Clinton) but zombies nonetheless – not their own man (or woman). This process is, in fact, becoming more efficient with each succeeding election – it started with Obama while he was still campaigning in the primaries, and Hillary has been one of the “undead” for years. (Biden may take a bit longer to brainwash... but I'm sure the process is well underway. Some people are just loose cannons, and every administration has its share. Think: James Watt, Joycelyn Elders, "Rummy", etc.)

So anyway, in the face of all of this, it's a bit pathetic to see the top guy in the ACLU – a powerful outfit still – whimpering that “this is not change”. Right you are, bunky – but hey, keep up the good work, we need the laughs now more than ever.

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