Friday, February 20, 2009

When Pit Bulls Collide

And speaking of Hillary -- no sooner does she arrive in Japan than the North Koreans start rattling their swords again. Could this be the "test" that Joe Biden was promising would follow soon upon the inauguration of Obama? But hang on a minute -- North Korea is, or was, under the very close "protection" of China. China had a very special friend in Washington for many years -- two, in fact. Their names were Bill and Hillary. So now China is allowing North Korea to bust Hillary's chops by making threats while she's well within range of their Nodong, or Twodong, or Somedong, missiles? How very tacky. But hey -- it might give her a chance to vindicate her story, many times told during the primaries, of how she arrived in Bosnia under heavy fire, dodging bullets like Bruce Willis all the way from her plane to the Tuzla Motel Six. Has anyone yet asked the obvious question, if North Korea already has a missile that could reach Los Angeles, and Iran's can barely get over the Strait of Hormuz, why are we threatening to attack Iran and not North Korea? Hmmm? The answer is: North Korean missiles can't reach Tel Aviv. Next question.

BTW, a photo for Hillary's Tokyo stop shows her meeting with "athletes of the Special Olympics World Winter Games" -- and whaddaya know, the kids in the picture really look like Special Olympics types, unlike the "children's hospital patients" she posed with a few years back who were actually perfectly-healthy children of Hillary's staffers. You don't suppose she's starting to appreciate the value of honesty, given her new role in the world, do you? But as someone said, if you have to make an effort to be honest, you're still not honest.

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