Sunday, January 17, 2010

And Here's to You, Mr. Robertson

As to the latest kefuffle involving the Rev. Pat Robertson, and something he said or did, of course it was in terribly poor taste to pile on to the already-severe misfortunes of the Haitian people and imply that they somehow had it coming because their ancestors made a pact with the Devil. Tacky, tacky (even if true, and knowing how strong a hold voodoo has down there, I wouldn't be surprised). But hey, why can't the liberals and the MSM just chalk it up – as they usually do -- to more rantings from a bigoted Southern preacher well into his dotage? Well, because Robertson supposedly has considerable “influence” in the wide world of the Evangelical movement – which, in turn, supposedly has the Republican Party still under its thumb (even though they wield less power now than the Crown Prince of Albania). But that's not the scary part. Robertson was one of the privileged few who had 24-7 access to the Vice Presidential Mansion under Cheney's regency, and he was one of the main voices crying out in favor of our invasion of Iraq – in the interests of Israel, of course. In fact, he travels to Israel quite regularly, where he is given VIP treatment and allowed to visit military installations where he gets to cheer on the pummelling of the Palestinians (many of whom are Christians, by the way). So – are we still in Iraq, even though the Messiah of Hope and Change is now in the White House? You betcha. And have the reasons we are in Iraq morphed significantly since Bush and Cheney were ushered out of Washington? Unh-unh. We're still there, in large part, because Israel wants us to be, and Pat Robertson is a leading champion of that cause. So yeah – when Pat says “da Debbil made 'em do it”, people listen – just as they continue to listen to all of his other enlightened and humanistic opinions. And no amount of tantrum-throwing on the part of the media is going to change that, because, ultimately, Robertson and Obama are on the same side of the premier issue of our time.

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