Monday, May 3, 2010

Can You... um... "Top" This?

I'm a fan of what I call “subtle indicators” -- you know, things that reflect a trend, maybe indirectly, but never in an obvious way. So this recent spectacle (I assume it was a spectacle, although I didn't actually see it) of topless women marching for “the right to go topless”... well, did it reflect some sort of new frontier on the feminist front? Here's a clue. The march referred to happened in Farmington, Maine, a small college town. And guess what, it's already legal for women to go topless in public in Maine. So... what was the point? Oh, right -- “the protesters... want it to become socially acceptable too.” Well... even if that were a worthwhile goal, how is it to be measured or assessed? By women handing out surveys every time they choose to go topless? (“Do you find what I'm doing right now – or not doing, as the case may be – socially acceptable (on a scale of 1 to 10)?”) And hey – if these are true-blue feminists, why are they concerned with social acceptability at all? Isn't the whole idea to “epater le bourgeois”?

I know what's really going on here; in fact, I'm sure of it. It's nothing more than sheer desperation – the seeking of a cause, any cause, because, hey, that's what college types do – they march for “causes”. And guess what, most of the traditional causes have been totally co-opted by the fact that we have a liberal Democrat as president. So all the things people were marching and protesting about when Bush was still in office are now off limits – since Obama has adopted every one of them in its entirety. Imagine an anti-war march on a college or university campus today; impossible! Now that “our guy” is in the White House, we have to support him (and the troops, etc.). And if he's all for bailouts, how bad could they be? Etc. So as usual, the fools on the left have been, first exploited (i.e. at the polls) then abandoned... but they don't have the fortitude to do anything about it. (Or – they aren't aware of the alternatives, since the MSM have forbidden any mention of libertarianism.)

So who takes to the streets now – and during any Democratic/liberal administration? Why, the tea partiers, of course – or their precursors. And the pro-lifers. But the overlap between them and the college/university demographic is... I would say just about nil. When times are good, the tea partiers are content to stay home – but not so the “restless youth”. They have to have something to get up in arms about... and it's always amusing to see the absurd lengths they'll go to when one of their own kind is in the White House. Marching for something that's already legal... wow, talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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