Monday, May 31, 2010

Da Boys in Chicago Ain't Happy About Dis...

It's one thing when you turn a rock over and find some loathsome, crawling thing underneath. It's quite another when you turn a different rock over, more than ten years later, and find the same loathsome, crawling thing underneath, virtually unchanged. Then you have to think there's more to it than meets the eye. And so it is with Bill Clinton – the Sultan of Sleaze in his own time, and now drafted as an errand boy by the Obama gang to make politicians offers they can't refuse. And he was working directly for Rahm Emanuel, a sleazemeister in his own right... but let's face it, in this business there's nothing like an old pro who has proven his worth time and time again. And to Joe Sestak's credit, he turned down that offer he couldn't refuse, which turned out to be a fine thing and a service to the Republic, since it spelled the end of the spotted career track of Arlen Specter. (Did you know that Specter was asked not to visit the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences during regular hours, because the last time he did, people thought he was a mummy come back to life, and a general panic ensued?) But in any case, Specter has now been dislodged, no thanks to the Democratic power hierarchy represented by Obama, Emanuel, and Clinton. Ever feel like you're watching some old B-grade mob flick? That's pretty much the image the Democratic Party is projecting these days... not that this is any big change, but for a bunch that invariably claims the moral high ground, it is refreshing when they, now and then, show their true colors.

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