Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Duller Shade of Palin

Well, for those last remaining hard-core holdouts who think Sarah Palin is anything but a looney tune, her resignation from the governorship of Alaska should be the final, convincing piece of evidence. But what was the problem? Alaska too small a place to hold her towering political ambitions? Hell, even Bill Clinton managed to hang in as governor or Arkansas for twelve years all told. Or... maybe she's going to work for a think tank or head up a PAC -- or be a roving ambassador, following each of Obama's overseas tours to "de-apologize" for all of America's real or imagined offenses. Or maybe she's going to make herself an honest woman and become a citizen of Israel. Who knows what's going through that delusional head of hers? In any case, it would strongly behoove the Republican Party to have no more to do with her on any level... unless they really are bent on total self-destruction, which seems to have been the case of late. The people who see her as some sort of modern-day Joan of Arc, ready to don armor and wage war against communism, ex-communism, terrorism, jihadism, and, really, just about anything else deemed anti-American need to sober up, splash cold water on their faces, and realize that Palin is a fanatic who would be a catastrophe in national office -- not that Bush wasn't, and not that Obama isn't, but with Palin I have always sensed more than a hint of that primitive, bone-headed populism that animated the likes of Huey Long -- and that would quickly convert our foreign policy into one of America vs. The World -- not just politically and economically, as is now the case, but militarily as well. Of course, there are always some twisted thinkers out there who will say, on the contrary, put her in; it will just bring the whole system down sooner. And this can be argued... but there are, I hope, better ways to bring an end to the American Empire than by turning it over to a soccer mom with delusions of grandeur.

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