Saturday, July 11, 2009

White Kids' Burden

OK -- the truth, now! Can I be the only person in the world who realizes that there is not one chance in a billion that those kids are Michael Jackson's biological children? I mean, come on! Not only are they white, they're screamingly white. They're whiter looking than Audrey Hepburn (or Katherine Hepburn). They're positively Nordic. Now... granted, they're not as white as Michael was... or became. But come on, his latter-day Frankenstein look did nothing to alter his DNA. So come on, people -- let's get real on this thing. Let's, for example, at least be willing to consider the possibility that those kids were fathered by someone else -- as a favor to Michael, I'm sure, and also to aid and abet his mysterious obsession with whiteness. But even that is nowhere near as grotesque as treating kids that look they came off some Danish farm as "black", just to perpetuate one of the more bizarre recent manifestations of "identity politics".

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