Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where the Fund Never Stops

They may have to change the name of their flagship show to "Some Things Considered". It seems that NPR is having money problems... which is quite remarkable, considering that so many of their affiliate stations have switched to what is basically an "all fund raising, all the time" format. But what is even more remarkable is that NPR has been carrying water for the liberals, Democrats, and the American left in general ever since Carl Kasell was in knee pants. They started referring to "President, er, newly-elected president, Barack Obama" the day after the election. There is a shrine to the Church of Global Warming in their HQ building in Washington, DC. And now they're hurting for a paltry amount of cash that would barely cover the annual bonus for one AIG executive. So where's Obama in all this? Talk about ingratitude! I can't believe that someone hasn't just driven over there from the White House (it can't be more than a mile away) and dumped a tub of money in their laps.

Plus, what happened to all of Joan Kroc's money? She gave them $225 million just 5 years ago -- leading to headlines like "What a Kroc!". Don't tell me they've spent it all already!

It's a sorry sight indeed when even a media lap dog for the liberal establishment has to go begging. I mean, who's next -- the New York Times? The Washington Post? This is getting serious. I mean, gosh, I may have to write them a check myself just to keep them in business so I can keep making fun of them. "Tout pour l'art" and all that.

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