Wednesday, May 20, 2009

As Unsharp as Steele

Next in line for the Clueless Star Search is Michael Steele, GOP chairman, who accuses Obama of "fraud" for spending the country into massive, unending debt. Well, OK. But where was he -- in fact, where was the GOP in general -- when Bush started racking up massive debt with the twin debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan? Did we hear a hue and cry from the GOP when independent analysts pronounced the real cost of those wars to be many times the Bush adminisration's projections? And I'm convinced that it was those wars, and those expenditures, that had as much as anything else to do with initiating the economic meltdown. Yeah, the subprime mortgages were a factor, but would they have done as much damage if the economy had not already been badly weakened by the Bushite wars? I doubt it. But now that it's all in Obama's hands, the GOP leadership feels free to start taking potshots. It would be better if they would do some real soul searching as to why they willingly and enthusiastically became the war party.

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