Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who Put the Guano in Guantanamo?

Suddenly, the Democrats have developed a strange new respect for the "NIMBY" concept when it comes to relocating "terrorists" now being held at Guantanamo, and they have rudely rebuffed Obama by voting against funds for closing the Guantanamo prison. Well, to begin with, please note the price tag for the relocation: $80 million to move 240 detainees. That's an average of $333,333 per each! Hell, I'd just buy each of them a waterfront condo in Ft. Lauderdale; that'll take the "terrorist" out of them fast! But don't you get the feeling that _everything_ the government buys, or does, is comparably overpriced? I sure do. In any case, it now appears that these persons without a country are going to be left in limbo for a while longer -- maybe for years. Because, after all, what would be the criterion for their ultimate release? Winning the "War on Terror", of course. But the "War on Terror" is unwinnable, mainly because it's a piece of pure fiction. So these guys are going to have to stay locked up in Guantanamo indefinitely for the sake of a popular delusion. I guess they can at least feel some sense of solidarity with the thousands of non-violent drug offenders who are locked up on the mainland -- they are all, ultimately, political prisoners, i.e. prisoners of politics.

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